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“Condoms: A Crucial Tool In Achieving Healthy, Safe Sex”

Conversations about sex, safety, and wellbeing have shifted significantly in the past century, and the invention of the condom has been influential in making safe, pleasurable sex a priority for many people around the world.

Though many people consider the condom a fairly modern invention, variations of the latex sheath date back to ancient cultures, and its use in preventing unwanted pregnancy dates back to the 17th century. Today, developments in technology and materials mean condoms come in many shapes, forms, and textures, each providing an array of ways to make sexual activities safe and enjoyable.

Condoms are the most effective method of preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when used consistently and correctly, and they are the only form of contraception that helps to protect against both pregnancy and infections. Therefore, they are a crucial tool to achieving healthy, safe sex. In this article, we will explore why condoms are so important and how to use them effectively.

The Benefits of Using Condoms

There are many benefits of using condoms for contraception and protection against STIs. They are:

1. Affordable: Condoms are an effective and affordable method of preventing unwanted pregnancy and STIs. A recent survey found that condoms are the most cost-effective form of contraception, costing approximately $0.50 to $2 per piece.

2. Versatile: Condoms come in various sizes, materials, shapes, and textures to suit multiple types of sexual activities and partners.

3. Convenient: Unlike other forms of contraception, condoms can be purchased easily, quickly, and without a prescription. In fact, condoms are available in most pharmacies, convenience stores, and even some vending machines.

4. Discreet: Condoms come in discreet and stylish packaging and can be used without the knowledge of those around you.

5. Pleasurable: Rather than detracting from the sexual experience, condoms can actually heighten pleasure. For example, textured condoms are designed to increase sensation and there are even flavored versions for oral sex.

How To Use Condoms Correctly

Though condoms are a reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs, they are only effective when used correctly. Therefore, it’s important to be familiar with the basics and follow a few tips for using condoms correctly:

1. Read the instructions: All condoms come with instructions, which generally include a diagram on how to use the condom. Make sure to read these instructions and discuss them with your partner.

2. Double check the expiration date: Double check the expiration date on condom packages to ensure they are not expired or close to expiration.

3. Carefully handle: It is important to handle the condom carefully to avoid tearing it as this could reduce its efficacy. – recommended website
4. Apply correctly: Before beginning any sexual activity, make sure that the condom is correctly applied. No matter the type of condom, it should always be put on before any genital contact has been made.

5. Change condoms: Make sure to change condoms between activities that involve different sexual body parts, and between partners, to protect against pregnancy and reduce the risk of transmitting an infection.

6. Dispose safely: After use, make sure to properly dispose of the condom and any used packaging.


To ensure safe and pleasurable sexual encounters, it is important to be aware of how to use condoms correctly. When used consistently and correctly, condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancy and reduce the risk of STIs. Therefore, condoms are an essential tool for anyone engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

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