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Escort Girls

The word escort girl conjures images of women in tight fetish wear, offering men the pleasures of oral orgasms. While this is the reality for many escorts, it doesn’t describe all escort services. Escort girls may also offer non-sexual play, or even just time to chat, read a book or listen to music with their clients. The quality of an escort’s services can depend on the expectations and demands of her clients.

For instance, an escort might choose to accept only high-value clients in order to increase her earning potential. She might also limit her availability to specific areas of the city to ensure that she can meet the demand for her services.

Some escorts work independently while others are employed by an agency. In either case, they are able to set their own prices and exercise a great deal of discretion over which clients they accept. They usually do not advertise their services publicly, and their clients arrange meetings with them by telephone, rather than through an openly advertised service like a brothel.

In some cases, women in the escort industry are employed by madams who manage houses of prostitution; these women often have extensive networks with other escorts and share information about upcoming shifts or client requests. Many escorts develop their own client lists in this way, although madams discourage this and require their call girls to maintain a high level of professionalism. Some escorts expand their client lists by purchasing a “book” or list of past clients from another escort who is leaving the profession.

It’s important to make sure that your home is clean and tidy when an escort visits. A clean bathroom is a must, as are clean towels and bed linens. Also, you might want to have a few snacks or drinks on hand to make your time together more pleasant. Providing an attractive environment will help your escort relax and enjoy her time with you.

When your appointment is over, be courteous when you are saying goodbye. It can be difficult to let go after such a wonderful time, but remember that you are paying for sexual services and that the relationship is transactional.

If you want to continue your relationship, be sure to ask her for her contact details and give her a tip. Most escorts prefer cash instead of credit cards, and some prefer an envelope with the amount clearly written on it. A tip of 10% is generally expected. Some escorts leave 10-15 minutes free at the end of a session so they can shower, gather their belongings and call their driver if needed. This gives both of you a chance to relax and reflect on your experience together. If you treated your escort with respect and asked politely for what you wanted, she will likely be happy to see you again!